The Club

The Hotel Couture starts with a Travelling Box, shielding the essence of every single iconic destination, by way of its peculiar, unique fragrance reaching the senses in different states of matter.

The Hotel Couture is a Destinations’ Curator made up by the most imaginative, knowledgeable and misterious producers of outstanding, memorable hotel experiences.
The Hotel Couture selects destination with a unique genius loci, captures their very essence and transforms it into a boundless experience.
Just like an art curator, The Hotel Couture is a Cultural Producer.
The Hotel Couture perfectly interprets The Zeitgeist by enhancing the narrative potential of hotel destinations, to create a world of visuals, stories, olfactory routes, characters, sensations, behaviours, that embody the experience of the most blessed world-travelers.
The Hotel Couture captures the very essence of a place in unique fragrances, able to re-create the magic. Scents recall ever-lasting memories let imagine special atmospheres.

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