A selected journey through unconventional people and uncommon hotel


Dream by browsing The Hotel Couture’s selection: icons of a precious genius loci, architectural landmarks & creators of unique and scented experiences.

The Conversazioni

Behind every great Hotel are Leaders who believe in the importance of Hospitality. Enter their secret rooms and get inspired by their unique Stories.
Marie Louise scio in Open Challenge

Marie Louise Scio moves every summer from her apartment in Rome to the iconic Il Pellicano, the famous Hotel nestled into a lush cliff above Tuscany’s Sea.

CEO and Art Director, she drove us to this iconic location, turned by her father in 1979 into a charming niche for the Italian and International elite.

Lidia & Irene Forte in Sisters are Forte

Lydia and Irene Forte spent most of their life at the family’s Hotels, where they learned the refined art of hospitality.

Daughters of Sir Rocco Forte, they shared with us their dedication for the inherited business.

Ori kafri in An Unexpected visit

Ori Kafri is the founder of the Hotel chain J.K. Place. With an initial opening in the heart of Florence, he spread his hospitality passion also in Rome and Capri.

He firmly admitted the importance of engaging with the guests offering a sophisticated and unique experience.

Dina de luca chartouni in Debut

A true New Yorker stands out from the others for style and for the ability to see things.

Dina de Luca, Owner and Design Director of The Lowell, welcomed us in her "House" and shared her the secrets on managing a successful Hotel in one of the most iconic cities.

The Travelling Box

When the iconic magic box meets the place, captured from hotel guests shots to let discover the details of the hotel destinations.

The Hotel Lovers
Poke around an entourage of demanding travellers and fragrance addicts.

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