Through her many travels Tanja discovered the healing powers of essential oils and started using them with great relief to many ailments. After long years of studies in aromatherapy, botany and natural perfumery, she launched her own series of organic perfumes and cosmetics – April Aromatics.
This Fragrance is a metaphor for the sweetness of life. Savor the aroma fresh citrus fruit, full of Lemons, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Oranges and Bergamot conjuring up light’s intense brightness. A scent, ethereal, fresh, suffused with brightness and thus bringing serenity even in our darkest moments. Happy Citrus is the sunbeam that tickles our nose, be it summer or winter, every time we crave warmth and light.

The Travelling Box

When the iconic magic box meets the place, captured from hotel guests shots to let discover the details of the hotel destinations.

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