The Conversazioni

Meet the “people behind the scenes”, enter their secret room and get inspired by their divergent vision.

Dina de luca chartouni in Debut
The uniformed doorman at The Lowell stands perfectly upright as he distributes measured smiles.
Lidia & Irene Forte in Sisters are Forte
“The donations for renovation work on the Fonte dell’Abbondanza fountain have been received”.
Marie Louise scio in Open Challenge
The maid in a check shirt knocks on the door. “Miss, are you there? It’s late.”
Andrea & Gigi Kracht in The Luxury of peace and quiet
Zurich wakes up, it’s a spring day.
Ori kafri in An Unexpected visit
The American is chilled to the bone when he rings the doorbell at a large front door on Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

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