Aaron Kaupp in A painted scene

The warm light of the September sunset illuminated gently the Arc de Triomphe creating an almost surreal atmosphere. “Paris is always so charming!” the painter thought to himself walking along the Champs- Élysées with a large portfolio beneath his arm.

He had been contacted by the General Manager of Le Royal Monceau, one of the most beautiful and in vogue hotels in town. This was the very hotel where he had first stayed in Paris those many years back, though he retained a good memory of the place.

The whole hotel was filled with a kind of energy, a weird feeling of being part of a different world.The smiling staff were walking everywhere: from the bar, to the reception intent of making sure that everything was in the right place.

Guests were casually coming and going, some dressed for an evening out. “Finally, you are here!” somebody said interrupting his thoughts. It was Mr. Kaupp, the General Manager, that with a big smile welcomed him. “I’m sorry I was distracted. This place looks so amazingly new. I came here with my family in the late 70’s, and of course it was a bit different!”

“Yes, I know. We renewed completely with the touch of the architect Philippe Starck, and we reopened a couple of years ago. That was a lot of work. But it was definitely worth it!” “I agree,” the painter said putting down his heavy folder. “Well, let’s sit in a peaceful place” and together they walked in the Viñales Lounge.

“We give real importance to art here and I decided with the rest of the team to show some of your artworks in our Art Concierge. The hotel world changed a lot in the past few years. People don’t really look at luxury as they were looking at it before." Mr. Kaupp continued. “They want to feel at home. And so, art is one of those things that can make someone feel good, and comfortable all at the same time."

“I totally agree,” said the painter. “For this occasion, I brought some sketches that I took a few years ago. They are still unreleased.” And cautiously he picked up very colorful and realistic restroom images of different style. Mr. Kaupp smiled at the sight of the paintings as if he recalled some strange thoughts. “Sorry if I’m smiling but I think those would be perfect for our hotel! You ought to know that I have a big passion for restrooms. Since I was a kid I had the fortune to travel with my parents, and trust me, the place I've preferred has always been the restroom!”

A young gentleman entered the door of the lounge. “After an entire day at work, coming to Le Royal Monceau is just like a dream!” and they all laugh together. “And mostly because I just started to work for a new company and this was actually my first day! I can finally deal with the energy I had all day from the excitement.” said the man. “Well, congratulations!” replied Mr. Kaupp.

“I still remember every first day of every position I had. They were so hard but at the same time so exciting. Never be scared of taking on a new position. We must tackle everything with passion, good will and desire to grow.”

And the three of them toasted with a glass of whiskey. The night was finally coming down and after a good hour of conversation, Mr. Kaupp shared some parting words with the two guests, inviting them to dine in either of the Hotels Restaurants. “You can choose between Japanese at Matsuhisa Paris or some Italian dishes at Il Carpaccio. You’re my guests.” And he left them both intent in discussing the modern art’s today.

Mr. Kaupp fixed some last things in his office and upon leaving the building he paused and thought to himself:

“This is the aspect of my job that I prefer! To have the opportunity to meet very interesting people and to give them a smile, with just a little gesture!”

The lights of the city were already on. Paris was looking just amazing under the dark sky. It was time to go home and spend time with his little girl that for a year now had totally changed his life.

The Travelling Box

When the iconic magic box meets the place, captured from hotel guests shots to let discover the details of the hotel destinations.

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