The Editorial

People are no longer going to New York, but to The Lowell; not to London, but to Brown’s; not to Miami, but to the Faena… hotels have truly become destinations in and of themselves. In fact, the personalities of these iconic hotels have become so strong that they have their own, unique genius loci, as the Ancient Romans described the spirit of a place. They have become landmarks of the borderless world’s global architecture. They are powerful symbols of escape, whether experienced in person or fantasized about in some passing daydream. This special Zeitgeist is at the core of The Hotel Couture, a new Italian and International project, created to highlight and enhance the uniqueness of select destination hotels by offering a bit of their signature character to ‘guests’ around the world. Indeed, The Hotel Couture is a Curator of Destinations, featuring the most imaginative, knowledgeable, and pioneering producers of outstanding hotel experiences. We dedicate this project to a few of these icons. Hotels are full of stories that long to be discovered and told. We could have started from notorious love affairs at the bar, from the war stories of a veteran doorman, or from the observation that hotels are serving as a hub for creatives. Instead, we decided to start with the hotel owners, without whom there would be no beginning. They are the movie directors behind the success of their destinations, and the producers of this genius loci that we wish to highlight. These are unique individuals with personalities so different from one another. However, they all share the common trait that, even before being entrepreneurs or businessmen, they are human beings who deeply enjoy humanity. The main drive for these hoteliers is the chance to let people feel good, and moreover, to let them feel special and become deeply and emotionally connected to a place, even when just passing through. These hoteliers understand that the success of a hotel hinges on the quality of its human relationships, and its ability to go beyond keeping promises to surprise guests with something unexpected. Luxury has become increasingly intangible, as one comes to value such elusive concepts as silence, authenticity, time. As The Hotel Couture’s penchant for storytelling aims to endorse creative and artistic personalities working for the hotellerie, in the next steps you will discover more of the “people behind the scenes” of iconic destinations. But The Hotel Couture dares to offer you more. It presents in the following pages a kind of treasure, aiming to capture the essence of the most sought-after hotels and transform it into a boundless experience. A precious travelling box, enclosing the bespoke essence of each destination, will reach the senses of its recipients- lovers of exclusive travel, fragrance addicts, and anyone who longs to be transported by merely opening a box. The Hotel Couture travelling box, on sale on our website, will re-create for them the magic of iconic hotels and highly selected brands. Breathe the air of the hottest spots in the world.

The Conversazioni

Behind every great Hotel are Leaders who believe in the importance of Hospitality. Enter their secret rooms and get inspired by their unique Stories.
Andrea & Gigi Kracht in The Luxury of peace and quiet

The Baur Au Lac has kept the aura of elegance and charm since 1844.

Andrea Kracht, Owner of the Hotel, and his wife Gigi opened the gate to this haven in the heart of Zurich, fascinating us with its intense history.

Dina de luca chartouni in Debut

A true New Yorker stands out from the others for style and for the ability to see things.

Dina de Luca, Owner and Design Director of The Lowell, welcomed us in her "House" and shared her the secrets on managing a successful Hotel in one of the most iconic cities.

The Travelling Box

When the iconic magic box meets the place, captured from hotel guests shots to let discover the details of the hotel destinations.

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